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Also, editrial copyright of “KunioMonji.com” web pages is owned by “eyedia-shop”.

2. Unauthorized Use of Contents 
If you use the contents of "KunioMonji.com" beyond "Private Use" or "Quotation" under Copyright Law, you need the permission by "KunioMonji.com" and the respective original authors.
You are not permitted to copy, translate, adapt, broadcast, publish, sell or rent the contents of “KunioMonji.com” without the prior written permissin of "eyedia.-shop".
If you divert our contents to sites other than "KunioMonji.com", PC communications, intranets, emails, etc. without our permission, it is a copyright infringement. This is no exception for non-profit organizations and personal sites.
The same applies if only part of the article is extracted instead of the full text.
Please contact us if you would like to use our contents beyond "Private Use".

3. Downloading Contents 
Downloading contents such as images and translations of “KunioMonji.com” to a user's personal computer or smartphone is interpreted as “Copy for Private Use” as permitted by Copyright Law.
However, the downloaded contents can only be used by the person or their family.
If an individual downloads and uses it at SNS, company, educational institution, etc., it will exceed “Private Use”. In this case, a copyright legal issue will occur regardless of whether it is for profit or not.

4. Quatation 
Japanese legal "Quotation" is the partial use of the article for report, review, research and others and the purpose must be within the proper range and you must specify the resource and the quotation in your article.
It is essential that "quote" side should be "primary" and "be quoted" side should be "secondary" generally.
Above requirements must be satisfied as "Quotation" under Copyright Law.

5. Disclaimer  
Each content posted on “KunioMonji.com” is created based on various information that seems to be reliable up to the time of creation. However, regarding its accuracy, equivalence and completeness, “KunioMonji.com” and the respective original authors are not responsible.

This website is used at your own discretion and responsibility, and “KunioMonji.com” is not responsible for any troubles, losses or damages caused by using this website.

“KunioMonji.com” may suspend or discontinue the operation of this website without prior notice, and may revise, change, or delete the contents of the website. "KunioMonji.com" is not responsible for any damages caused by them.

“KunioMonji.com” is not responsible for any accidents, damages such as damage or loss of data etc. that occur on the hardware or software of users or third parties by using this website.

There are some links to external sites in the contents of "KunioMonji.com", and "KunioMonji.com" is not responsible for any troubles, losses or damages that occurs after linking to the external sites.

6. Link 
Link to “KunioMonji.com” site is free in principle regardless of profit, non-profit or intranet.
If you would like to link, your prior contact would be appreciated.

The link may be refused if it does not fit the purpose of “KunioMonji.com” or if there is a risk of harming the business or credit of “KunioMonji.com”.  
In addition, the link may be refused for other reasons, regardless of before or after the link.

Please link to “KunioMonji.com” index page, but based on your contents concept, direct links to the other pages are welcomed. However, each linked URL may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Please note that we will not contact you individually for the link.

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8. Contact 
If you have any inquiries regarding Copyright (Contents Usage) and Link etc. of "KunioMonji.com", please contact us from Contact Form or by email below.
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