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King Trump & Pochi Dog Shinzo

     It is a story of the earth about 100 years ago.  At that time, there were many human beings on the earth.  Mankind was everywhere on earth.  Mankind formed groups, made countries, repeated battles, and 3 major countries were created.  The 1st was the United States, the 2nd was the People's Republic of China, and the 3rd was the Russian Republic with military power, not economic power.  In addition, the European Union (gathering of countries), the British Empire, Japan..., the countries overflowed.  And at that time, already developed countries were experiencing a phenomenon in which the number of elderly people increased and the number of children decreased.
     As the countries overflowed, each made cities and used a lot of fire, the earth became very hot.  Mankind didn't tell the truth, made a lie, put it on the electronic signboards for mankind, looked all at once, believed in the hoax that carbon dioxide was the cause, and some countries were using it to deceive and steal carbon taxes.
     In order to control the nation, in each country, mankind chose a temporary king, such as the president or prime minister, and the members of the congress surrounding the king.  Around them, there were crowds of cunning merchants and apple-polishers.  Each nation decided money (currency).  The ratio of money between nations was decided by the market price.  The United States (America) dollar was standard.  Originally gold, it was replaced by a dollar that could be reprinted as much as possible because of lack of gold.  With the wisdom of the British Empire, he made more and more debt certificates (bonds).  Thus, King Trump and his entourage became rich.  The more debt and the more complex printed bonds made them more rich.

     Well, there was an island country called Japan on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the largest ocean on the earth.  The country fought about 70 years ago, trying to reverse the delay.  However, it was beaten by the United States, dropped atomic bombs, and surrendered.  Shinzo's grandfather was arrested as a war criminal and placed in jail.  However, because of becoming under their thumb, he was released with a CIA dog collar.  Shinzo was proud of his grandfather.  That's why he thought his grandfather's dream would come true.  When he first became Prime Minister, he was called KY by everyone.  KY (Kuuki ga Yomenai) was a paraphrase that he could not read the air around.  Later, when he became prime minister again, he turned it over and began to force his around to read his air.  In short, his surroundings used sophistries meeting his profits.  Exactly after the Fukuichi (nuclear power plant accidents), the people would have sought easier relief.
     One day, there was a US presidential election.  Betraying most expectations, King Trump was born.  Shinzo went to the celebration first.  Shinzo became a pet dog of King Trump.  The blood of his grandfather might have made a barking in him.  Shinzo met the King and became his Pochi Dog.

     King Trump wouldn't feel comfortable unless he was the 1st.  He couldn't help thinking of the 2nd Xi of China.  So he complained and taxed the incoming goods.  However, Xi was also tough and stopped importing agricultural products from the US Empire.  King turned around to Dog and Shinzo was to undertake corns as well as glyphosate.
     King Trump was actually not good at Shinzo.  He seemed to lose himself when he was with his Pochi Dog.
     Because Xi was not pissed off easily, King Trump used his subordinates and caused a fuss in Hong Kong.  But it wouldn't be a battle. Finally, when he said that he was inexorable with Xi..., Xi's US bonds were put up for sale.  Loyal Pochi Dog Shinzo was staring stunned with his mouth opened widely.  The Japanese people were also stunned stupidly.
     There were too much of his air readers around Pochi Dog Shinzo to know himself as a Pochi Dog.

August 28, 2019
Translated by ichico

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