Visual Artist (Tokio)
Photography, Video, Contents Creation (Picture Edit, Video Edit),
Translation of "Illuminations" by Rimbaud

2004: Created Video of "Mihoko Fujita Chanson Debut Live at Rufuran"

Mihoko Fujita Chanson Debut Show at Rufuran
Video Pic by Kunio - May 29, 2004

October 20, 2003: KunioMonji.com Design Renewal

October 20, 2002: Opened KunioMonji.com
and Renamed Kunio's Gallery to Kunio's Portfolio
September 2002: Created Hashihime's Video "Autumn Dolls"
January 1, 2002: Opened "Kunio's Gallery"
2001: Created the scenario of "Les Anges - Poem Reading Performance"
at Minamiaoyama MANDALA on December 7, 2001, Tokio
December 4 - 9, 2001: Participated in "Les Anges - Art Exhibition 2001 End ", Tokio
January 1, 2001: Opened "Commission / Kunio"
December 5, 2000: Supported Videography of "Missing Mass" Event produced by Rosa
October 3, 2000: Started "Illuminations" by Rimbaud
October 2, 2000: Started "Kunio's Note" (Japanese)

December 20 - 28, 1999: Participated in "Laccy Party by eyedia.com 1999", Harajuku Tokio
November 3, 1999: Supported Videography of "Kowaku Shojo Kaitai" Event presented by emu
October 1999: Held "fi-doll" 2nd Show at Cafe Vasy, Harajuku Tokio
Sept. 1 - Oct. 13, 1999: Held "fi-doll" 1st Show at Aoyama K1-Doll, Kyoto
January 1999: Held "fi-doll" 1st Show at Cafe Vasy, Harajuku Tokio
February 1998:  Opened Internet Gallery "eyedia.com"
February 1998: Held "eyedia.com" Show at C'est Rare, Harajuku Tokio
1995: Created Promotion Video "Fuck'n Slazy"
of Harajuku Street Hard Rock Band "Crime Easy"
1994: Established Virtual Creates / MICROMEDIA
1993: Created Entertainment Video of Skiboard/Snowboard/Freestyle "Poppy Snow"

1984 - present: Working as an Exclusive Photographer of "FOOM" magazine
by The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association since the first issue,
taking photos at Exhibition, Lecture, Seminar and Interview etc.

1979: Participated in "Okinawa Yamato - Nujun Photo Exhibition" in Dainaha, Naha city
1976: Held First One-man Photo Show "Saison" at Nikon Salon, Ginza Tokio
1974: Graduated from Noriaki Yokosuka's Class of Workshop Photo School established by Shomei Tomatsu

e-mail: kunio@eyedia.com

- Live Show & Fashion Portrait -

J'adore! La Chanson at Sogetsu Hall Concert - December 3, 2004

JFA Fur Design Contest 2005 at Ginza Jiji Tsushin Hall - March 23, 2005

Omotesando Street - March 30, 2005

Applause at Shinjuku Nadaman - July 14, 2005

Chanson Singer & Fashion Model: Tadafumi Sato

- Mechanical Photo -

Camera / CD-ROM
(Worked with Ide Hironori)

Camera / CD-ROM
(Worked with Ide Hironori)

Camera / CD-ROM
(Worked with Ide Hironori)

Engine Parts / Brochure

Food Machinery / Brochure

- Architectural Photo -

Hospital CT Scan Inspection Room / Brochure

Kitchen & Dining / Magazine Advertisement

House / Show Panel

Garbage Disposal Plant / Public Brochure
(Worked with Munakata Satoshi)

Garbage Disposal Plant / Public Brochure
(Worked with Munakata Satoshi)

- Cooking Photo -

Cooking / Magazine

Cooking / Magazine

- Other Photos -

Cosmetics / Brochure

Cable / Brochure

Cable / Brochure

Ski Watch Gloves / Brochure
(Gloves Planned by ichico / Snow Pop)

Objet / Bulletin
(Objet: Kosaka Masako)

Objet / Bulletin
(Objet: Kosaka Masako)

Miniature / Illustrated Book of Museum
(Worked with Munakata Satoshi)

Lantern / Museum Exhibition Poster
(Worked with Munakata Satoshi)


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