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Kunio Monji
Photography+CG+Movie Visual Artist + Arthur Rimbaud Translator
The only person in Japan and the world who translated and also explained the entire "Illuminations"

Born October 20, 1949 in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Been taking photographs since the age of 4 due to the influence of the father; Doctor Masami Monsi of Plant Ecology
Established and presided over "Rimbaud Seminar" while studying French Literature at Keio University
Studied "Illuminations" with the late Professor Masaaki Takabatake as an adviser

Around 2-3-year-old Kunio Monji taken by his father, Masami Monsi


1974 : Completed Photographer Noriaki Yokosuka Class at WORKSHOP Photography School organized by Photographer Shomei Tomatsu
For synchronous students, Photographer Yohei Nagasaka, Satoshi Munakata, Junshi Nakamichi, Tomoyuki Oka, and many other photographers
1976 : Held Solo Exhibition "Saison" at Ginza Nikon Salon (Produced by Noriaki Yokosuka)
Gathered over 2,000 visitors despite being anonymous, and evaluated to be a candidate for the Ihei Kimura Award in the photography field but it was already decided so missed it out

1981 - : Worked for various part-time jobs, employee of photosetting company, self-employed under phototypesetting and below: 
- Planning / Production for OA Equipment Operation Manuals, Sales Promotion Manuals and Sales Promotion Tools at Ricoh Co., Ltd. as an external staff of an advertising agency
- Photographing Interview, Cuisines and Writing Wine Articles for "Machikado Moyo" Public Relations Magazine published by Yokohama Co-op
- Writing "Rice Database" for Ginza Showroom of the Food Agency
- Photographing Exhibitions, Lecturers, Seminars and Entertainers' Interview for "FOOMA" Magazine published by The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association since the 1st issue as an exclusive photographer (1984 - April 2007)

2000 : Opened "Rimbaud Illuminations" website and started publishing the translation and explanation of Poet Rimbaud
Kunio Monji is the only person in Japan and the world who translated and also explained the entire "Illuminations"
2001 : Peformed Reading Performance "Les Anges" on the theme of Rimbaud and Verlaine at Minamiaoyama MANDALA as a translator, playwriter and photographer 
2004- : Photographing Chanson Shows for Mihoko Fujita (movie), Yoshimi Mizutani (photo) and Tadafumi Sato (photo) as a freelance photographer
April 2007 : Moved from Harajuku, Tokyo to Iwaki City, Fukushima
October 2007 : Backed from Iwaki City, Fukushima to Tokyo
November 2011 : Moved to Kyushu (father's hometown Yahata, 2012 Spring to Fukuoka City) after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants Accidents
May 2015 : Backed to Kitakyushu City, currently living in Moji Port, the place of roots of the Monji Family originally from Genji

Private Work 
- 1974 : Photography "Shinjuku Futen (Riff-Raffs)"
- 1993 : Snowboard & Monoski PR Movie "Poppy Snow"
- 1993 - 1995 : Documentary Movie "Harajuku Hokoten"
- 1995 : Shimotsuki Matsuri Festival Movie "Yutate Kagura"
- 1997 - : Photography "Ball-Jointed Art Dolls" on " Gallery"
- 2006 : Harajuku Jingubashi Costume Player Photography "Oh! Jingubashi"



Developed atherosclerotic stroke on June 12th, 2018 (just exactly on the first Trump Kim Summit), probably caused by radioactive contamination due to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants explosion that occurred on March 12 and 14, 2011 (used to live in one of hot spots in Koganei City, Tokyo at that time).
Miraculously saved his life but became paralyzed right.

Continuing rehabilitation by physical therapists after about 4 months of intensive care, advanced medical care, and rehabilitation hospitals, and currently compiling the translation of Rimbaud and photos of Kyushu.  
Posting his fighting illness reports on Blog-Lifelly.

Used to cook daily that was very tasty such once scouted as a French chef in Tokyo, and his unique curry with dozens of spices was amazing particularly taught by his mother during his parents' business trip to Pakistan dispatched from UNESCO, and now they are handing to his wife, ichico. 
Currently studying roasted coffee beans and smoked bacon ect. more.
Enjoyed sports such as mountain climbing, skiing, monoskiing, MTB, paragliding etc., and playing flamenco guitar, and so looking for other fun at present.

September 18, 2019 Updated